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The Power of Compassion

This book was inspired by true-life events that brought me to a place of fulfillment.  It is the story of the most difficult challenges that led to my greatest rewards.

Take a Journey with Me

Take a journey with me as I share my secrets of my breakthroughs that resulted from empowering actions of compassion and forgiveness.

What is Compassion?

To be able to put yourself in another’s situation and feel what they are going through, without judgment, while loving them and the experience no matter what it is.  When we are able to…

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Welcome to Bernadette Romero

Welcome to Bernadette Romero

I am honored that you have chosen to visit my site. What if you could Change your Destiny and Love your life? I know, “Every one can triumph over fear and be fulfilled.” Imagine living an incredible life of success, purpose and joy.

My book Fulfillment: The Power of Compassion is over 50 years of lessons learned. I was inspired to tell the honest truth and write my story after attending a writing class at UT Knoxville.

This is my story… of having my every dream come true… and then having my every nightmare come true, as well… and how I prevailed in spite of it and discovered I was stronger than I ever imagined… I invite you to come along with me on this journey as I find extraordinary strength in my darkest hour.

My story shares my breakthroughs that resulted from empowering actions of compassion and forgiveness. In seeking my truth and being authentic as I show how living from a Fulfilled state altered my life physically, mentally and spiritually.

If my story can help someone else, then it will have been worth it…

Guest Author

I have several friends who are publishing books in the months to come.  I will be posting the link to their book when it is available. They are all diverse and exciting. I find when we support each other we increase our success as we work together.

Please be supportive and if you do read their book please review it on Amazon.  I am grateful to all of you.

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Guest Authors

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Author Interview

This is my first author interview.  So I lost my train of thought and had to have the question repeated.  Oh well… It was still a fun interview and I had lots of fun.  Hope you enjoy it…

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Rarely does a first-time author achieve such significance as an author, but Bernadette with her first book, has written a life-changer.

Tom Bird

#1 Best Selling Author

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Bernadette writes with such honesty. It was so easy to connect to her story. Her insight offers hope where there would otherwise be desperation. Bernadette shares with a transparency that is unparalleled. The reader will find pain in her story but perspective to guide that pain.  If you are on a path of self–discovery or have ever endured discomfort of any kind this is a must read book for you. I could not put it down.

Jody DeSimone