IMG_7360As I was watering my plants today I noticed my green pine plant overgrown and having hard prickly branches on the bottom. It had been a gift two years ago and I wondered if it was time to get rid of it since it didn’t look healthy at all. I touched it’s top branches and they were soft and alive. I thought, maybe if I just prune it.


I took my pruning scissors and started to clip away at the entangled overgrown branches on the bottom. They had become dry and prickly like thorns and my fingers felt the pain as I picked them up. Slowly I removed branch by branch of dead lifeless stems. (Yes, sometimes it is painful to let go of the traumas or negativity we carry)


When I was done I looked at this plant that just a few minutes before I was willing to throw out and saw it completely transformed. My mind had an “ah ha” moment as I realized how I had transformed when I had let go of the dead things in my life. The things that were self-sabotaging like bad experiences, thoughts, limitations, fear, relationships, clothing, things or beliefs.


Then I took it one step further and noticed how the seasons teach us about transformation and constant change. Spring brings new beginnings, Summer expands its growth, Fall lets go and Winter sleeps. Like the seasons we too need our time to create, expand, let go and rest. Everything in nature is balanced teaching us a life lesson.


Enjoy the journey