It was her first trip to the ocean.  What awaited her was a new experience.  She was the curious sort always amazed with the unknown.  Her grandmother put her in a cute multi colored purple, heart bathing suit and her new pink life vest.  Her little water shoes were a size too big and she waddled like a duck in them.

As they reached the dock grandma removed her shoes and placed her on the landing.  She wobbled as she steadied herself.  Taking grandmas hand they continued down the boardwalk. A seagull flew by and she giggled as she watched it sail out of sight. She heard children laughing and playing on the beach, this made her smile.  They continued on until grandma picked her up and carried her down the steps toward the beach.

They stood at the waters edge watching the waves lap against the shore.  Her eyes grew big with every crash.  Grandma sat her in the soft warm sugar white sand.  She squirmed as the sand covered her toes.  This was a new experience and she didn’t quite know how to respond.  Using her pointer and middle finger she gently touched the sand.  She did this several times then grabbed a handful of sand and squeezed.  She let it go and observed the remaining sand stuck to her hand.  She pulled her feet out and looked at the sand on her toes.  Not sure if this was normal she turned to grandma with questioning eyes.  “It’s ok” grandma said, as she wiped the soft sand from her hands and pulled her to a standing position. Together they walked to the water’s edge.

Grandma held both her hands as the wave came in covering her feet up to her knees.  Her eyes grew big as she looked at the ocean and then toward grandma.  The sound of the crashing waves frightened her and her hands tightened, another wave came in and her feet sank into the wet sand as the water rushed back.  Grandma picked her up and took her deeper into the ocean submerging her body.  She splashed and giggled in grandma’s arms.  There she was safe and happy.

How many times are we afraid of trying something new or making a decision to change our circumstances?  When we are not in joy that is our soul saying a change is needed.  Every choice is a new destiny and a chance at a new adventure.