Whenever we have a dream that is bigger than us we also have a little attachment that comes with it.  It is called Fear.  But just consider if there was no failure just feedback.

All the great inventors, authors, businessmen and explorers had several attempts at birthing their creation before it became a reality.  They referred to the information they received as feedback.  This feedback told them what worked and what didn’t.  It helped them to take the next step or make a different choice for a different outcome.

As we begin to notice the fear that comes up for us let us refrain the mind to see it as feedback.  What is triggering that fear?  Is it failure, is it success. Or is it the vastness of the unknown?  These are just unchartered territories.  As explorers and creators in our life these are the places where we will discover who we are. We will build confidence as we navigate these challenging times.  We will gain the knowledge to press on, make decisions and gather feedback and wisdom.

We can choose how we respond to fear.  We can just flick it away and say I can’t deal with you right now I’m busy creating.  Then just take the next step wherever it may lead us. Every action creates a reaction and as we push on through we retrain our mind to go with the flow and be in the space of creation instead of reaction.

The vibration of creation is much higher than that of fear and therefore more of our dream becomes a reality.   Napoleon Hill said,  “As long as we’re fighting the failure we cant call forth the blessing.”   So today be blessed in your creation and flick fear away.  Be in creation and follow your joy that leads to your dreams