It seems like I have had several friends lately who are suffering from heartbreak from relationships. We are always in relationship with someone whether it is a loved one, a partner, a family member, co-worker, friend or stranger. Life is all about relationships.


When something in our life is not working it is our soul that stirs in us and lets us know that our terms or boundaries have been crossed and gives us the strength to stand up for our greater good. When we do this we honor our self by taking action even though it may be the most difficult thing to do.


By doing this we send a message to others and the universe that we honor and love our self and will not stand for any disrespect. By doing this we stand in our power.


When a relationship ends we are often times heartbroken. We have invested so much time in the other person. We have given them unconditional love, acceptance and most importantly our time or our life. We have shared so many wonderful memories and connections.


But that is not what we focus on during heartbreak. Instead we need to focus on our self and be compassionate and loving. A relationship ends for a reason, we make another choice for our greater good and by doing this we open the space for something better to show up. If the other person truly loves us and is the one for us they will become a better version of themselves and step up to meet our terms. If they don’t then they are not capable of honoring and respecting us, as we need to be and therefore are not the person we need in our life.


I remember my heartbreaks and realized that as I focused on what I was loosing the pain got worse. I cried and allowed my self to feel the loss of the wonderful connection I had. Yet deep down I know I had made the right choice to honor my self by sticking to the dream of what my ideal relationship would look like and this gave me hope.


As with all loss we hurt because we are human. We have feelings and only time may ease the pain. We may never forget but eventually it gets easier. We can however empower our self by realizing what we learned from that relationship. How did it help us to grow as a person? How did we become stronger? How did we become more loving and trusting?


I believe there are no mistakes in life. Everything is put in our life for a reason. How we accept and grow from our challenges make us who we are and grow our character and this makes us a better person.


Through all of this we are never alone. God gives us friends and family to help us and guide us through our heartbreak. He sends angels and guides to support us and for that we should be grateful. I often imagine what my guardian angels look like through these times, all tattered and worn from the trauma of looking after me in my darkest hours and it makes me smile.


I am grateful for all my experiences good and bad as they make me strong, loving and a better version of me.   They also give me wisdom to understand and relate to others and to myself. So today take a moment and realize what a wonderful loving person you are and honor yourself for being who you are your “authentic self”. Enjoy the journey.