The pain was excruciating.  Lying in bed I struggled to be still.  Even the slightest movement caused an intense flow of pain to shoot through my head.  It had been a while since I had a migraine this intense.  Somehow I just had to get through it.

It was the stress of the day that had brought it on.  I had been at the airport all day.  I was on standby for my trip back home.  Every flight was oversold with passengers and they were being put on the upcoming flight, filling that one up and asking for new recruits to take a voucher in exchange for taking the next flight out.

I had arrived for the first leg of my trip at 5:00 am and had spent almost 3 hours in flight. I arrived at my connecting airport at noon with the new time change.

I learned to go early so the odds are better. I had been at the airport for 8 hours and had carried my computer bag from gate to gate for 5 hours and I wasn’t done yet.  The heavy bag was passed back and forth from left to right shoulder as I walked to the train to get to the next departure gate, D, B, C, D It just didn’t end.  The stress on my shoulder caused my neck strain and a shooting pain began from my neck down my back to my hip.  Only two more flight remained.  Arriving at the gate I looked at the monitor. 0 seats available.  The gate agent asked for 3 volunteers as the flight was oversold.

I sat and waited patiently hoping a connecting flight was delayed and I would get on.  No such luck.  I tried to read and imagine pleasant thought but I was just too antsy.  There was too much noise and energy in the airport and my nerves were about fried.  Last resort I pulled out my phone and looked at all the pictures of my grandson and new granddaughter.  They made me smile but the pain down my back had all my attention.  Again I was off, I cringed as I made the last trek for the last flight of the day.

I arrived and checked with the gate agent.  All standby passengers’ had been cleared; it was music to my ears.  I arrived at my final destination at 11:04 and was home in bed by midnight.  Only thing the pain in my head didn’t stop.  Please let me get some sleep I pleaded I took three ibuprofen with a glass of water.  I promise I will go to my chiropractor first thing in the morning.  I was just grateful to be in my bed with my nice soft sheets and comfy pillow.  Just breathe through the pain; I said you’ll get through it.