The call was unexpected.  The caller Id said Mike but the voicemail was his girlfriend.  He was a good friend.  I had spoken to him a while back as we were making plans to get together for dinner.  He wanted me to meet his new girlfriend and he wanted to meet my man.  He had finally found someone who accepted him for who he was and didn’t take advantage of his generosity.  He said “ She’s a sweetheart, but she painted her nails blue.  That’s not right women need red or pink.”  It made me laugh.  He was such a masculine man and needed a feminine woman.

He was always the happy go lucky guy living by his rules, working hard and playing harder. I remember him always with a drink in his hand, a cigarette in his mouth.  The biggest smile on his face.  I remember the first time we met he tried to teach me to play pool.  He was so good and I could barely hit the ball.  We had fun listening to music and practicing pool.  I called him my music man.  He could pick out a new artist before they became famous.  He would say, “ I missed my calling, I could have been a music producer.”  He was right he could of.

I remember when he made me dinner.  He made the best southern chili and fresh cornbread.  I would tease him and say “Not bad for a man.”  He would say “Now you need to make me some of your green chili enchiladas.” It was always a trade.

Above all I remember him teaching me to dance.  The first time we danced he was all over the floor moving to the beat.  Come dance he said.  So I got up and started moving my arms.  He stopped and said “Seriously is that how you dance, your as stiff as a board.  Girl you need to loosen up.”  He taught me how to feel the beat of the music and not care what others thought about me.  He taught me to lighten up and be free to be who I was and for that I will always be grateful.  He was my fun friend; boating, movies and even having a snowball fight in the hot tub always the jokester.

Goodbye my friend. I will miss your easy-going nature, layback attitude, and joy of life. I know your body is gone but I can still feel your soul.  I know that we will play again when I return to my soul self.  Until then I will remember the good times and cherish the wonderful memory of the person you were.