Every morning on waking I set my intention for the day.  I use my imagination and see the kind of day I would like to have.  Then I bring to mind all the things I am grateful for.  Today I was thankful for a loving family and boyfriend, wonderful grandchildren and freedom.  Why freedom?  Because we have the ability to choose to make a different choice if something is not working out.  My choice this morning was to stay in bed a little longer to actually take the time to feel relaxed and rested.

I could feel the softness of the covers, my soft pillow and the stillness of the morning.  In that quiet space there was so much peace.  I like to see the space as the place of infinite possibilities, or where God lives. I took this quiet time to just be still and enjoy the moment.  When I do this it grounds me to my being and makes me grateful.

After reading Power vs Force by David Hawkings, I realized from his experiments that every emotion gives off a vibration. Why? because everything is made of atoms. I was surprised to find that the lower vibrations of fear and shame are on the lower level of 20 or 30, while emotions such as love are at 500, joy at 540, appreciation at 780 and gratefulness or gratitude at 800. The body and life thrive at the higher vibrations.

Anyone living from a high vibration is a magnet for others.  Why?  Because a lower vibration must always raise to the higher vibration it’s physics. So imagine that just by being happy, living in joy, appreciation and gratefulness we can change the energy of those around us.  Just by being our happy authentic self we can change the environment.  So for today live from a place of gratitude and pull to yourself your hearts desire and help raise the vibration of the world.