It’s nice to finally find you.  It was my brother Aaron who gave me directions to where you were. Clustered here in this tree, under the sun just waiting for someone to pick you so you could bring him or her joy.

How will they use you?  Will you become a pie, a cobbler, a jelly or a puree.  You have no clue.  But whatever it is it will nourish the body and bring happiness.  Such a simple pleasure as you fulfill your destiny.  At lease you were one of the lucky ones who got picked.  I see apricots on the ground dried and rotten.  But wait, they too have fulfilled their destiny.  I see an ant enjoying an apricot and trying to take it back to share with his community.  Even when all looks lost to me, I see there is a greater purpose.  Nothing is lost, just transformed.

As for me I seek something different from my apricot.  What is it you ask?  Total fulfillment.  You see as a child I used to climb the tree to the top of the house.  There on the left corner was an apricot tree.  It’s tall branches would tower just above the roof and I would sit and pick the juiciest ripest apricots.  Oh I still can taste the sweetness in my mouth.  I want to experience that once again.  The tree is now gone and only the memory remains.

Yes, this is the one.  Plump, ripe, dark orange at it’s peak of perfection.  It’s ready I can feel the heat as it was warmed and ripened by the sun.  I take a bite.  Yes, it’s just as I remember.  The sweet juice runs down my throat. As I chew its flavor envelopes my mouth, every taste bud is in a state of awwww.  Another bite.  I can feel the texture of the skin as it falls apart. My mouth is saturated with pure joy. A feeling unlike anything else runs through me.  A memory is reawakened and a smile forms on my face.

Thank you apricot.  You have made my day.