IMG_6757When we go through traumatic times in our life we must take the time to honor our truth. So what does that mean? It mean’s quieting your mind and honoring your feelings and allowing them. Why? Because anything we resist persists.


When we have a death, job loss, break up or divorce, personal injury or illness we must honor the loss, the pain, the anger, and anything else that shows up. We must not assign blame but look at the situation as it is. How did we become stronger, more resilient, how did that relationship help us grow in wisdom and strength, how did we become a better person because of it and how will it help us associate better with others and ourself.


I always take the time to honor what I’m feeling by sitting quietly and connecting with the feelings. Where is it in my body? Is it a broken heart, anger in my gut, anguish in my mind or a feeling of failure or of not being enough? Whatever it is I allow it and make it welcome. I honor the feeling by putting my hands over my heart and concentrating on the area in pain. And I sit with the feeling and say…. I honor the pain, loss, anger and I love you. You are not wrong it what your feeling. It is part of being human. Life is a journey of gaining wisdom and something better lies ahead.


Now that I had to deal with my mother’s death I sat quietly and allowed the tears and sadness. I remembered the good times and the bad times. I honored the loss, anger and the pain. I honored not wanting to write or proof read my book as I had shared her story and it was too close for comfort. I honored my grieving process until it eased. And when it shows up in the future I will honor it again and by doing this I will allow the emotion to stay a feeling and flow through me into healing.


I give myself a time limit on being in this state of allowing. For now it has been a month and I now feel ready to move along into writing. I allow myself to feel joy as often as possible as that raises my vibration allowing magic and miracles into my life. I know to always follow the joy in my heart, as it is what brings purpose and passion into life.


In honoring my truth and feelings I am saying “I love myself” as I give myself everything I need to be happy, healthy and spiritually connected to my soul, the essence of who I am.  Today honor your feelings, live your truth and allow yourself to live in joy.  Enjoy the journey