IMG_7533I was on my way back from Florida and was between flights at the Atlanta airport. It had been a hectic day as I had been waiting on standby. I decided to have some lunch since I had two hours until the next flight and went to a quaint bistro. There were books on the shelves and small gift shop and a menu with exotic teas and coffee’s not to mention a menu with healthy options. I have been more aware of what I’m eating as my goal for this year is to make better choices where my health is concerned.

I ordered a wonderful salad with grilled chicken and an orange ginger hot tea. As I sat and enjoyed my lunch I read a book on my phone. After eating I took some time to enjoy my tea. I looked at the time and realized I had better start heading to my gate as I had 20 minutes till they would start boarding. My phone rang and my boyfriend Mike was on the other line. His voice was frantic “Hurry over to the Delta Ticketing, you have to re-list yourself. Someone didn’t roll you over from the other flight.” I quickly hung up and hurried over to the ticketing and showed the ticketing agent my standby pass. She looked at the flight and relisted me.

Relieved to be done with that I made a stop at the bathroom and went to my gate. I sat there a while then noticed that the flight listed was not going to Knoxville then went to check the board for the new gate information. It had been changed to one down the hall so I strolled to the correct gate. As I sat looking at the monitor I noticed I was listed and bent down to get my computer bag when I realized I didn’t have it.

My mind raced and my heart fell as I wracked my brain to remember when I had it last. I retraced my steps to find both previous gates full with passengers. I looked around the seats, went back to ticketing and the restroom with no success. I finally asked the gate agent if a coral coach bag had been returned and she said “No,” check with lost and found. I checked lost and found with no success.

I stopped and thought. My flight would be boarding soon and I had to decide if my computer was worth missing my flight. So I thought what was worse case scenario. I would loose the computer but my information was encrypted and I had a back up at home. I would just have to get another MacBook. I breathed a sigh of relief and headed toward my gate. I surrendered totally to any attachment to my dilemma and it’s outcome.

Then I remembered the quaint bistro. I headed back there and as I entered to talk to the cashier she was talking to my waitress about someone who had left a bag on the chair. I told her I had left my bag and she said, “Go check your seat.” As I approached the table there it was. Still where I had left it. I smiled and retrieved it and rushed to catch my flight.

So in the end, not being attached to outcome brought my computer back to me and reinforced… TOTAL SURRENDER TO WHAT IS IN MY GREATEST GOOD.