It has become the simple things in life where I now find the most joy.  My granddaughters giggle as she rushes towards me; that twinkle in her eye, her mouth wide open with a smile from ear to ear.  Her little bits of rustled curly hair uncontrollable and free, her unsteadiness as she masters learning to walk. The way she give me one of her open mouth kisses on my cheek, wet and runny. The way she hugs me tapping that little hand on my back. Our eyes meet and she giggles with pure joy. When I put her down she walks over to the furry soft blanket, which I’ve bundled in the corner.  She snuggles it and holds the soft cover to her face, her grin changes to one of relaxation as she extends her body.  She lays there in stillness her gaze observing everything in site. She spots her play center and again she is off to explore.  She likes drumming.  She’s learned to push the music buttons on her play center.  I watch as the music starts and she flows her body from side to side and wiggles her bottom. Her loving joyful energy contagious to anyone who happens to be in her presence, just watching her in her true expression of who she is, content, not a care in the world.

She reminds me that we must be curious, open to exploring the new, finding the adventure in life.  Content to be happy in our own skin.  She helps me to realize that true joy is not found in things but in the relationship with our self, our higher power (source, universe, God) and others.  She teaches me to explore all the things that bring me joy, to value my relationships and to be my most authentic self.  To share my joyful loving energy with everyone, so I can be to others what she is to me; a source of pure love.