What does that mean to you? To me it is a form of Abundance. To me abundance is more then money, it is health, relationships, freedom, choice and knowledge. It is having the ability to learn not only from my experiences but the teachings of others. We are all teachers. We all have our niche, the things that interest us that we excel at. These are the things we are passionate about; the things that help us grow and expand us.

I believe we were given our talents, abilities and passions as part of our life purpose.   When we follow our joy and passions we sent our self on our course to our purpose and this makes us genuine and powerful, as we stand in our truth. What we choose to learn becomes our knowledge. This can never be taken from us, as it becomes a part of us. It helps us in our career, and in our life. It is in reality one of our greatest assets.

I like to believe that all roads lead to my success. Because of free will I can choose any path or experience I would like to have. All of these experiences will bring me knowledge and wisdom and be a stepping-stone to my next choice on my path of life.

When I ponder life and death, I realize that we come with nothing and leave with nothing. I believe we only take our knowledge or wisdom with us, and what can be more powerful than something that can transcend life and death. To me Knowledge is Power. So choose wisely where and how you spend your time. For your time is your Life and every moment is an experience in gaining wisdom. Make it count!!!

Enjoy the journey,

Knowledge is Power

Bernadette Romero, Author