It was late and we were getting ready for bed.  He had complained all day about how things didn’t go as planned and new unexpected things showed up.  He was tired, cranky and explaining thing to death.  Ok, I said as I turned toward him.  Put the drama on the dresser and leave it there if you choose to pick it up on the way out you have that option.  If you choose to keep it leave it at the door on your way in. There was silence for a few seconds, then a laugh.  “Oh that’s funny, he said.  Just place it on the dresser and leave it there and if I want it pick it up in the morning.  So what if I don’t want it?”  He asked.  “Well, I responded, then I will dust it away when I clean.”

In that moment he realized he had a choice on how he chose to live his life.  He could give energy to everything that went wrong, or the things that showed up expectantly or he could just choose to let it go.  Thank you he replied, I needed that.  So now it’s become a joke.  When he’s getting overwhelmed or overthinking and stressing I just say “Leave the drama at the door” and he smiles and changes his attitude.

We all have a choice on how we wish to respond to things in our life.  The happiest most fulfilled people are the ones who don’t take things personally.  When a job loss, or tragic event happens they say.  I’ll worry about this later I’ll re-look at this in three days.  For now I choose just to do what I can to get through it. It’s amazing how things will change in three days if we don’t give them the negative energy associated with the situation.

If we go even deeper and ask how has this situation helped me to grow we will begin to expand our consciousness into one of compassion and love.  We will learn to find meaning in the tragic and unexpected.  We will get familiar with change and we will learn to flow with life instead of fight against it.  We will decrease our stress and learn to increase our acceptance and in doing that we will become more fulfilled.