I’ve taken a few weeks off from writing to enjoy life and work on projects. We started by cleaning the yard and pruning trees and bushes. We worked very hard and in the process I got infected with poison ivy. So for the last three weeks I have been itching. I was given a steroid shot and when it didn’t get better a five-day oral steroid. Looking out into the yard now brings me joy, as it is neat and trimmed. The house and shed have just been painted which has given the property more life and value. To offset all this hard work we have spent time boating and jet skiing, as I like to balance work with play to keep my spirits high.

Last weekend my son and his family went to the lake with me. We were planning on jet skiing. Since Hannah is only two she is not allowed to jet ski so she played on the little beach area (for the children) with her mother while Jacob and I went jet skiing. As usual I must take the good with the bad. In this case it was “Note to self: Charge jet skis before taking them out on the water. After only being able to start one jet ski we parked the truck and the red jet ski and took the blue jet ski out to play. Jacob mentioned that Cristy also wanted to ride so he dropped me off at the beach to play with Hannah while they went out riding.

As I played in the sand with my granddaughter I realized how children just live in the moment. She had no cares about mom and dad. She was just happy to play in the sand with grandma. I watched as she ran the sand through her fingers and made a mound. I showed her how to make two eyes and a mouth with her finger and soon the mound had several eyes and mouth. She would happily say eye, as she poked with her finger and mouth as she carved a smile with her finger. As I sat there with a smile noticing how much I was enjoying watching her it made me realize how the magic in life happens in the little moments. Just watching her brought me so much joy but if I would have been busy on my phone or in my mind I would of missed this precious event.

Just remembering this experience has caused me to be very alert to being in the present moment, having a clear mind and being focused on just what I’m doing or whom I’m with. When I realize that my time is my life I become very in tune with how and whom I spend it with. I realize that I create the experiences in my life by the choices I make and since I want a joyful loving life I’m careful with my time and how I spend it.

So as you live every moment become aware and be present, clear your mind and focus only on who you’re with or what you’re doing and watch as life unfolds. You will soon begin to notice what makes you feel good, and what doesn’t. Which will allow you to make small changes to improve your life on your journey to fulfillment. Enjoy the journey.