Hello precious little one.  Welcome to your new life.  Know that you are surrounded in love as you enter this world.  You have chosen two wonderful parents and an older brother, which you will have a lifetime of memories with.  There is a large extended family to love and support you as well.

You will experience the world through all your senses.  You will hear sounds that will delight and frighten you, you will taste the wonders of food, dirt and other objects, you will feel with your heart and soul, as you experience joy, sadness, anger, fear and love, you will touch everything around you and have new sensations. You will learn to speak your truth and be authentic. You will see with your eyes the colors of nature and life. All these emotions will create your memories.

You will learn through your mistakes and gain wisdom.  Do not beat yourself up that is the way it is done here.  Just do your best that will always be enough.  You must always be compassionate and love yourself first.  Follow your truth, whatever it is.  You can listen to the advice of others but listen to your own heart and soul. Stand strong and powerful and always honor yourself.  This will bring you confidence and help you reach your dreams.

You arrived with everything you need within you, to have the life you wish to experience.  When troubles arise and you need answers ask the power of the infinite that lives within you for guidance.  That is the power of life, love and all creation.  You can connect with it in your soul and in your imagination.  Dare to dream and go after what brings you joy.

You have a path or purpose in life and it will unfold in its own time. Be patient.  Know that you are always guided and have angels and guides to help you.  There is a difference between lonely and alone.  You are never alone you are connected to everything in this universe and it supports and loves you.

Know that you are enough.  You will have everything you need as you experience life.  You will have family and friends to teach you and help you along your path.  Honor your feelings whatever they are.  Be open-minded and curious.  Explore everything.  There is no such thing as failure, only wisdom and understanding.  Live life from a place of gratefulness, thankfulness, appreciation, joy and love.  Enjoy the journey.