My lesson from a bird

My lesson from a bird

This morning as I was looking outside I saw a bird with a red head on the tree. Knowing that I am always given clues to living a wonderful life I decided to find out what kind of bird it was.


Thanks to Google I researched birds with red heads and determined it was a finch. Then I took it one step further and asked what is the symbolic meaning of the finch. So glad I did this as I was given wonderful incite into how to live today. This is what I learned…


The finch is unafraid to express what makes its heart sing. It reminds us of the important attributes of joy, appreciation, high energy, positivity, optimism and simplicity. They are mindful of the earth’s resources, and responsible with their diets and love the variety of life. (Note to self eat well today.)


Unlike other birds that take the quickest route these birds make their journey a dance, twisting and turning in the air for no other purpose than enjoyment. The finch is a sign of exciting and joyful times on our horizon. They are the bird of happiness and celebration.


They remind us to enjoy life and savor every moment. Celebrate the little things and sing your own song. (Be authentic and live your truth) Take joy from being alive and be open to the possibilities.


Have fun along the way, follow your joy, we will always have challenges but we can always take a breath and not get stuck in the negativity, we can see how that situation is helping us become more empowered. And if we can’t do that then we can focus on something more joyful and allow a little fun just for a moment.


So today, slow down and take notice of what is showing up for you. Take a lesson from the finch and dance your song of life.