As I sit and ponder this year I realize I have grown in many areas. It wasn’t the best year but it was my year and I made it work. I learned to listen to my heart, learned to get clear and focused on my dreams, to take action on what I need to do and to sit and listen to my higher guidance. In addition I have tried to live in joy by always living my truth, being honest with myself and following what my heart desires.

I have read many books this year and expanded my knowledge of the magic in life, how to manifest a life of my dreams and how to enjoy living a fulfilled life. I have listened to many enlightened visionaries and attended conferences, which spoke to not only my mind but my soul as well.

I have learned that my most precious thing in life is my time as It Is My Life. I have used it wisely to cultivate my wonderful relationships as I see those as my greatest treasures. I spent quality time with my family and my mother, before her death. I nurtured the relationship with my daughter and my grandchildren, my son and my granddaughter and my son and daughter in law and friends. I have nurtured the relationship with my boyfriend as we spent time traveling and being with the family through my mother’s illness. He was a great support and I cherish him for that.

I published my book Fulfillment: The Power of Compassion as my gift of endurance, inspiration and enlightenment to the world. Those who seek to find joy will be drawn to this book when they are ready as everything we need is given when we ask.

I now realize we live in an abundant universe. Our perception of our life will determine how fulfilled a life we live. I now know that there are two sides to everything and I can choose which side of the spectrum I would like an experience of. I know also that all things I experience, the happy, sad, good, bad, joyful and fearful all are equally important as I gain wisdom from each and learn to stand in my power of loving myself.

I have learned to give to myself everything I need, because only then can I give to others from a place of fullness. I fill myself with loving thoughts, feelings and acceptance. I honor my mistakes as pearls of wisdom and growth. I continue to open my mind to learn from others and be open to the guidance and signs from my angels and guides. I know I am fully supported in everything I do and that all steps lead me to my purpose as long as I am following my joy.

So today, ponder your year in review. Where have you grown in wisdom and strength? What are you grateful for? Are you following your joy? Conquering your fear by taking one baby step? Did you let your little child come out and play and explore life by being curious and adventurous?  Did you let go of what doesn’t make you happy and get clear and focused on what does? If not, you can take a little time and do it now before 2015 ends. Enjoy the journey!