Living life with all its business and noise has lead me to being more aware of my surroundings.  Life is a blessing but I find I have to visit my quiet place more often to keep my peacefulness and sense of calm.  This is the foundation of who I am.  It is the connection to my soul and all creation.  It is my meditative state of being.

I close my eyes and listen to my slow deep breaths.  Breathing in, holding for a second, breathing out, focusing only on the breath my mind in a peaceful place, still and quiet.  Breathing in, holding for a couple seconds as my breath transitions to releasing, breathing out. Breathing in the energy of source, holding it in my heart, releasing all that does not serve me.  Focusing only on the breath. Breathing in wonderful loving energy, holding it in my heart and watching it expand through my body, breathing out any negative emotions, fear or judgment.  Breathing in calm, holding it in my heart space, breathing out anything that does not serve me. Breathing in receiving, holding accepting, breathing out releasing.  Focusing on the breath. Breathing in, listening, holding space for listening, Breathing out fear.  Breathing in gratefulness, holding gratefulness, embracing gratefulness, and breathing out calm.

Just a few minutes to change the energy in my mind and body, going to my quiet place and being one with my soul, my essence my creator.  This is who I am.  I am love, I am peace, I am accepting, receiving, giving, Love.  I am stillness and calm.  Resting in this place, receiving, listening, and just being.  Being the: I AM.

From this place, I get renewed, revived and refreshed.  I receive all I need from the creator.  I release all that does not serve me.  I free my mind from endless thoughts.  I fill my heart and body with unconditional love. I relax into the essence of unlimited possibilities.  I am now filled.  I can give from a place of fullness.  I see me in the mirror and I smile.  The love for myself is unlimited.   I am a beautiful soul, experiencing a human existence.  What new adventures and experiences are in store for me today?  How will I change my world and influence the world of others? How will I follow my joy, express my dreams and change the world?  By just being me!