Everyday holds great opportunities to be the most magnificent being that you are.  We are on a journey from birth to death and like a sandwich the middle is the substance of our life.  How do we choose to live this gift of the present?

Remembering back when I was young there was no agenda just enjoying the moment was enough.  As life went on it was about raising a family, working and getting everything accomplished.  It was this time of busyness in which I lost the essence of my playful child within.  My mind was too full of thoughts and there was no room for what I call now the peaceful space of infinite creation.

What is this magic place I found?  It is the place where all answers are kept, where creativity comes from. Where dreams are formed into creation.  It is where we connect to the essence of the I AM or our God Source.  The place of Fulfillment; where we see the true essence of who we are, we get a glimpse of our soul as its highest self.

For years I looked for this place but it eluded me.  I searched religion, friends, family, books, and teachers but still it was unreachable.  Then at my deepest darkest moment it was revealed to me.  A vision as clear as day, amplified by my tears and water from my shower.  It was in the emptiness: the stillness and silence, a space within my heart space.  Connected to all of creation.

I remember this feeling once as a child when I found my happy place in nature the soft patch of grass by the river, that stillness and place of wonder, where everything flowed in harmony. Happy just to be, with no agenda, where the experience was enough.

The mighty tree grounded and majestic, the butterfly free and beautiful, the river unstoppable against any obstacle in it’s path, the grass flexible and flowing, the air in its abundance and power and the sky in its beauty and splendor.  I was all of this and more for I held the consciousness of everything within me. Like a hologram every molecule of energy held this magic.  It was always there… within me… the magic.  It was my breath of life, my chi, my energy, my emotion, my connection to infinity.  It  was then that I realized God is in the empty space, the place of silence and stillness.   So when we make space in our life we make the space for I AM the infinite creator.