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Hi Bernadette,

When you asked me about the book, I was distracted…I wanted to let you know that I loved the book.  I read it in 2 days, couldn’t put it down.  Very honest, great stories, truly inspiring…gems of advice…Wonderful, thank you for sharing your experiences.  I am sure this book will light the way for many!

Susan Schneider

Your journey reveals a journey of healing…physical, emotional and mental pain. It demands an expansion of your spiritual healing experience. It is authentic and reflective of everyone’s human journey.

Sylvia Sultenfuss

Author or Joy of adulthood: A Crash Course in Designing the Life You Want

Bernadette Romero shares her journey from a life of potential to a life of fulfillment and happiness. Her book will be of great inspiration to everyone looking to get out from under his or her own shadow.

David Thalberg


Bernadette Romero’s book Fulfillment, The Power Of Compassion brings to light the darkness within from which most of us live our lives, She has chosen to live everyday to the fullest enjoying every moment without regard to the past or the future. Her healing work is something we can and should all learn from.  If we could put our lives on pause and observe every moment as Romero does, we’d find the stress and pain would diminish and joy would follow.

Denise Cassino

Book Promoter Extraordinaire

The author talks about lots of problems in her life and how she overcame them. I could relate to much of what she had to say about her personal life. She made mistakes that most of us make when we are young and inexperienced. She grew up in almost a storybook life and was unaware of many of the problems she would have to face in her life. I liked the way she was able to face her problems and find new ways to solve them. It is a story of using a positive attitude to get more out of life. It is not unlike some self-help books only it is a self-help book of her life.

She said in her book that she could not control other’s actions. She chose how she would be affected by them. To quote her book, “I was allowing myself to not judge or overthink things. I just accepted whatever came. I didn’t take it personally or jump to conclusions. I just looked at the situation from the outside and wondered how it would teach me something, or what that experience would be like.” I have used some of her techniques in my life and this book is a good reminder and teacher for me.

The author is a smart writer who says things in a smart way. When I was reading her book I could see and feel the trouble building. It was interesting to see how each situation turned out. It is an interesting read and a good reference for finding solutions to life’s problems.


James Parker


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