One of the greatest gifts we possess in this life is the gift of choice or free will. Why, because it gives us the ability to create our life by design instead of default. It says that we hold the power in what we will accept or allow in our life and we have the ability to make another choice and change what is not working.

Just the other day at a meet-up a woman was complaining about a co-worker who loved to voice their views on religion. She hated hearing it and as the discussion escalated it got her frustrated as she felt she had to stand her ground, as her views were different. I said, “ You know you have the ability to not listen and walk away or you can just take what the person says as just information, their point of view and not let it effect you.” It was an “Aha” moment as she realized she had a choice in what she would allow in her space.

It made me realize that we all fight back when we think we are being judged or  being made wrong by not agreeing with another person. What if… we just honored their freedom of speech and heard them without having to agree with them. By letting someone be heard we are honoring his or her truth. If we feel we need to respond we may say, I guess we have different opinions, thank you for sharing. Would you like to hear my opinion of truth?

When I read the book, Power vs Force, I learned that power is when we empower another. Acknowledging them or honoring their truth while force is disempowering them or trying to control. Gandhi changed history by empowering a nation, which in turn disempowered a government. Power is gentle empowering or allowing of truth, thoughts and ideas where Force is trying to take away another’s right, view or truth.

So next time you are confronted with a situation that is making you angry or uneasy, stop and breathe and realize you can make a different choice. I choose to listen without judgment knowing what I am honoring someone’s truth and who knows by being the example of Powerful listening I just may empower another to listen to a different point of view which could change their perception and their destiny.

Thank you for reading.  Enjoy the journey.