Until a few years ago I had never heard this phrase. I was living wasn’t that being fully present? The answer was it depends on your frame of mind. When you are overthinking while doing something you are not fully present. Let me explain. If I’m having dinner but I’m on Facebook on my cell phone while the person I’m with is patiently waiting then I am not being present. My body and mind are not in the same space.

To be fully present one must be living in the moment. Experiencing all the magic that the moment holds. First your mind would be calm and quiet as you looked at the person across from you, You would see them, focus on their eyes, their hands, their face and really notice them. If they speak you would attentively listen taking in and absorbing what they said. You would internalize their conversation and you would reply sincerely to their statements. You would connect with their emotion, be in joy, sadness, excitement or pain and you would feel for them accordingly.

I’ve noticed the difference in my life since I have begun to live in the moment. When my boyfriend and I go to dinner he usually reaches across the table to hold my hand. I feel his fingers gently caress me. I can feel his love in his gentle touch, his need to just feel me and connect. The way he looks into my eyes when he talks to me as if I was the only person in the room. I feel the energy he generates when he’s excited or telling me a story. I take in the environment, the sights the sounds and the feeling.

Or when I’m sitting in nature. I feel the grass on my legs. I listen as the birds chirp in the trees and the cicadas hum in the background. I see a purple lizard as it runs into a bush and as I look through the trees I notice. A set of eyes just looking at me, it’s a deer that has just wondered in. I just look back in silence and enjoy the moment. As the deer walks off I lay back I close my eyes and enjoy the warm sun on my body and the peacefulness and calmness of mind and spirit. This is total bliss of living in the moment. Hope you take time to notice all the magic around you today.

Bernadette Romero

Author of Fulfillment