IMG_6141Self-Love means complete Acceptance of who you are! You must be willing, ready and able to abandon your fear and be willing to express yourself to follow the dreams in your heart and truly live life with the experience of how awesome and magnificent you are. Follow your joy and remain in love no matter what condition or situation you are in. Everything that happens is for a reason, it is leading you to your next step or getting you ready for something greater.

As I’ve experienced the hardships in my life I have learned to take time to nurture myself to honor my feelings and my truth. I have learned to look into the mirror and into my eyes, which to me are the windows to my soul and lovingly say. I love you, just the way you are, thank you for being your sassy, beautiful, authentic self. And I experience that wonderful feeling of love and total acceptance in my heart space.

Love also leads me to want to take time to nurture myself. I take quiet time to read, listen to an inspirational program, or research. To me taking in knowledge brings me joy. I take time to be with family and friends that nurture and love me and this makes me happy. I take time to exercise and make better food choices. I live in awe knowing that each new day will bring new experiences and adventures. I expand my thinking by being open to new experiences and new information, by doing something new. I see myself as a powerful creator as I can choose how I wish to view any situation or experience in my life as my perception creates my reality. I live knowing that there is abundance all around me and the power of The Universe, Creation or God flowing through everything supports me. I do not judge or tear myself down for my mistakes. I am here to learn, gain wisdom and expand into the best me I can be. And at the end of the day I take a soothing bath with sea salt and exotic oils and relax. I call to mind all the things I am grateful for and am thankful for another day, no matter what it held. To me this is how I love myself. I love deeply as I know what I fill myself up with I can give freely to others.

So if you are not in the space of self-love take a few minutes and incorporate one small change to love yourself. Then every day add one more thing until you can look into the mirror and say. I love you and mean it!

Enjoy the journey,