To be able to put yourself in another’s situation and feel what they are going through, without judgment, while loving them and the experience no matter what it is.  When we are able to do this we connect to the greatest part of who we are the part of unconditional love and acceptance.

When a friend looses a job and we are there just to dry their tears.  When a husband looses his mind and we care for their needs.  When a child cries and we are there to comfort them.  When a family member is in the hospital and we spend our most precious resource, time, to be with and support them.  When someone we love is abused and we feel their pain as we listen, and we are understanding and grateful for their trust.

Compassion is when we can stop believing the critic inside our self who always makes us feel like we are not enough.  It’s when we can stop comparing our self to others around us, and feeling small.  It when we can stop judging our self and others. When we don’t live up to our expectations and we love ourselves anyway, realizing that this too was a learning experience and we have gained valuable knowledge.  When we take the time to nurture and give our self what we need before we do for others.  This is compassion for we can only give what we are full of.

We will have many times in our life to be compassionate and put our self in the state of love.  Compassion will be the key to accessing the core of your soul and the essence of who you are to become, your greatest self.  The person that shines so brightly, that light that others are attracted to.  In this state you will find fulfillment and joy and will realize you are beautiful, you are on a journey of wisdom and are perfect imperfection just as you are.