My day had started out challenging.  My car had broken down the day before and was in the shop, this was the vehicle my children were taking on a road trip to Florida in a few days and I needed it to be in working order.  Luckily I have a second vehicle so there were no transportation issues.

I felt overwhelmed with everything I had on my plate and decided that I would go to the gym for the morning yoga class.  I needed to get out of the house and refresh my energy.  I started cleaning the kitchen and lost track of time.  When I looked at the clock it was 15 minutes before class started.  It took twenty minutes to get there.  I quickly changed grabbed my yoga mat and slipped on my sandals.  I didn’t need my workout shoes for yoga.  I figured I might me able to shave a few minutes off during the drive.  I was off.

The road to the gym was a single country back road in Tennessee.  The trees towered along the sides, shading the area and bringing in the beauty of nature.  On a normal day I would have slowly driven this road admiring the beauty.  Today I was a woman on a mission trying to get to my destination.

I went under the overpass and whipped around the curve to find a line of cars following a trucking rig carrying huge tree logs.  As it meandered around the curves the line of traffic behind it increased.  I could feel my anxiety rise in the pit of my stomach, it was getting later by the minute.  Maybe I could pass when I got to the highway turn of just a few miles ahead.  The road would split into a two lane for a bit before merging again.

As I approached the turn off I looked at the clock. I would now be 15 minutes late for a 40 min class and since I didn’t have my workout shoes there was nothing I could do.  I made a last minute decision and turned onto the interstate heading toward the city.  I had to pay my jet-ski registration and had been craving the vegetarian crape at my favorite little restaurant.

Ten minutes later I was seated at the table in this quaint French market.  The atmosphere took me to Paris.  The energy of the music soothed my now quiet mind.

I watched as family and friends gathered at tables enjoying each other.  My food arrived.  Two crapes one vegetarian; avocado, tomato, artichoke hearts, and feta cheese on a buckwheat crape.  The other a strawberry and whipped cream.

I took a bite of the strawberry one.  I savored the fresh ripe strawberry; it was good for my body.  Then I took a scoop of the whipped cream on top, it was good for my soul.  I smiled as I counted the blessings in my life. I would go to the afternoon yoga class.  .  At that moment I was grateful for the ability to make another choice.